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Nuclear Medicine


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Eastern Health owned and operated Nuclear Medicine is now available across Box Hill, Maroondah and Angliss Hospitals. Nuclear Medicine is highly sensitive as it facilitates functional imaging. 

Nuclear medicine utilises radioisotopes bound to specific compounds which are introduced into the body. External detectors then provide an image based on the distribution of these structures within the patient, often referred to as physiological  imaging. In combination with the resolution of multislice CT (SPECT CT), nuclear medicine is being even further advanced.

 Most commonly requested Nuclear Medicine scans:
  • Cardiac stress test - highly sensitive in detection of reversible ischaemia. Assessment of regional perfusion and wall motion at rest and poststress. Exercise and pharmacological options available.
  • Gated Blood Pool scan - assess cardiac function 
  • Bone scan - highly sensitive in the detection of occult fractures, malignancy and infection
  • Thyroid scan - assess focal thyroid nodules and thyroid function
  • Renal scan - assess renal function, obstruction, scarring and can isolate renal hypertension
  • Lung ventilation/perfusion study (VQ) - highly sensitive in detection of pulmonary emboli
  • GI imaging - assess gastric and colonic transit
  • Biliary imaging - assess gall bladder dysfunction
  • Liver imaging - aids in the classification of identified liver lesions
  • SPECT-CT - combines anatomical imaging with the best funcation information in one system


Nuclear Medicine studies available at Angliss, Box Hill and Maroondah. SPECT-CT available at Box Hill and Maroondah.